1st Special Response Group Vaccination Requirements

This is a generic document. Please refer to the Word document here for the latest revision.


1. Notice

The requirements listed in this document are based upon recommendations by the Center for Disease Control (Atlanta, GA) and the Traveler’s Health Clinic of Mercy Hospital (Miami, FL).

You may wish to check with other medical sources for further information.

Please do not take any vaccination without disclosing your full medical history to the physician supervising the administration of the vaccine.

11. Requirements

01. Vaccinations

In order to help assure the least risk to each team member from diseases which may be prevalent in the geographic areas where 1SRG may operate, a set of requirements for vaccination has been established. While each vaccination may not be specifically called for in a given area, the vaccinations on the required list are those that cover most of the diseases which are, or may become, endemic to areas impacted by disaster.

Primary vaccinations:

02. Malaria

03. Infections


4. Allergic Reactions

Some individuals suffer strong allergic reactions among them anaphylactic shock. This is best treated with Epinephrine which should be part of the personal medical kit of such individuals.

If you suffer sever allergic reactions and your physician believes it appropriate, please have your physician issue a prescription for Epinephrine (pen-form).

Fill this prescription (you may not have time immediately prior to deployment) and store according to the instructions provided by your pharmacist.