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1SRG saves lives in challenging and extreme conditions and aids others to do so as well. It is an international response search and rescue unit that delivers services and training which enable local resources to respond to incidents without external support. 1SRG is the only non-governmental organization in the United States providing this service. The team is entirely composed of volunteer professionals and is available upon request to help anywhere in the world.

We provide humanitarian aid to other non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and to governments that are interested in developing or improving indigenous search and rescue (SAR) resources. We also work with rural medical clinics, sharing emergency wilderness medical techniques and medical supplies. We consult with governments and other NGOs on SAR and disaster response (DR) training and readiness.

We pride ourselves on our years of humanitarian service and our reputation for fast international and local deployment, diverse capabilities and safety. Our track record of success is based on a cooperative approach of maximizing partnerships and sharing resources efficiently between the public and private sector in disaster, search and rescue, and emergency services.

We’re there to help. Anytime, anywhere.

As of December 2012, 1SRG is not operational.

1st Special Response Group

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