1SRG is a rapid deployment search and rescue (SAR) and disaster response unit dedicated to saving lives directly through high-quality SAR and missing persons investigations services and indirectly through education and support, enabling local resources to resolve situations without external support.

We pride ourselves on our years of humanitarian service and our reputation for fast international and local deployment, diverse capabilities and safety. By maximizing partnerships and sharing resources efficiently between the public and private sector in disaster, search and rescue, and emergency service organizations, we have been able to successfully complete our missions, be they search and rescue, disaster response, medical support, or training.

1SRG is available worldwide upon request of any government agency or international aid organization. (We will work with individuals to secure the appropriate formal organization requests for a response.) 1SRG can provide requesting agencies with: Standard wilderness search teams; Mantracking teams; Ground and/or Water Search with K9 utilization for both living subjects and cadaver (including forensic search); Technical Rescue including urban, mountain, cave, and confined space; and, Water Rescue.

Additionally, 1SRG can provide, on request, Command & Control (overhead) functions including Incident Management, and/or Search Management (Plans and Operations), as well as Logistics, Communications, and Medical sections.

We also provide a range of widely accepted and well-recognized courses related to SAR and DR. Some of the courses include Wilderness Medical Society Practice Guidelines for Wilderness Emergency Care, Emergency Response Institute’s Managing Search Operations, and the National Association for Search and Rescue SAR Tech courses.

We also deliver custom courses based on our clients’ specific needs which take into account students’ education, language and experience. Many of our classes can lead to U.S. or internationally recognized certification.

The team is entirely composed of volunteer professionals and is available upon request to help in international search and rescue problems anywhere. We are dedicated to finding lost persons by the most efficient means possible and employ techniques and equipment to deploy quickly without compromising safety or efficiency. In many cases, we serve as a force multiplier, effectively incorporating local volunteers, military, and other organizations. Our team is also available to provide training on search and rescue to interested individuals, governments and search and rescue groups.

In addition to training extensively in wilderness and urban search and rescue techniques, many members work day to day in emergency services, further honing their skills. Fire fighters, emergency room nurses, climbing and back country rangers, wilderness paramedics, police officers, air medical providers and physicians are among the diverse professions we draw from to deliver the most appropriate team to the task at hand.

Our motto is "Anytime, Anywhere".

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