The following documents contain 1SRG's policies and forms for applications. These are posted to provide more information to potential applicants and others interested in how 1SRG is put together.

Before you fill out an application, please understand this in your mind and heart. This is NOT your backyard we deploy to, and it never will be. In the safety section of the average SAR briefing you will find notes about rattlesnakes, hypothermia, poison oak, and if you are really lucky, meth labs.

Our safety briefings include discussions about rebels, narco-terrorists, malaria, non-existent sanitary systems, contaminated water supplies, hotels that do not accept canines, tapeworms, and a host of other hugely unpleasant things should be considered normal for a 1SRG deployment. We will do our best to mitigate the threats, keep everyone informed of what they are, and possibly turn down a deployment, but you "must" be prepared for them. If you're not comfortable with this, you may not belong on 1SRG.

If you cannot get time off from your job at the last moment and be gone for up to eight days at a time, you may not be appropriate for 1SRG.

The time to figure this out is not after you and the team have invested a lot of time in the application process.

Before downloading any of the following documents, please review the following two HTML documents to ensure that you understand the nature of the requirements for joining 1SRG.

Fitness Policy

Vaccination Policy Policy and Requirement

After your application is submitted it will be reviewed by the membership committee. Depending on circumstances this review may require three to six months to complete. If the applicant passes review and is accepted, the new member is granted probationary status for one year and must attend a team meeting that includes evaluation scenarios. A second review is conducted at the end of the probationary year. A successful review grants the individual full membership.

Entire Application:

The entire application can be downloaded as one ZIP file here. Or, you can download the various pieces individually.

Documents - these explain 1SRG policy and requirements

Mission Statement - 1SRG Mission Statement
Operational Status Requirements
Fitness Policy - 1SRG Fitness Policy
Non-1SRG Insignia Policy - 1SRG Non-1SRG Insignia Policy
Vaccination Requirements - Vaccination and medication requirements for field 1SRG members Vaccination -
MD Cover Letter - Cover letter requesting MD to provide medical services free of charge

Application Form Documents - these must be filled out and returned to 1SRG

Operational Status Application - General application form Fitness Form - Fitness signoff form
Medical Clearance - Medical clearance form
Home Team Insignia Clearance - Clearance to wear home team insignia
Vaccination Record - Record of all vaccinations required. (Also requires Yellow Card) Please request and complete an insurance coverage form after your application has been accepted.

1SRG Application Materials
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