Requesting the Services of 1SRG

Policy on general availability:

The 1st Special Response Group provides makes a number of services available to anyone interested in locating missing persons internationally. While we require a formal request to physically deploy a team, we provide consultation and assistance on conducting searches to anyone. If you have questions or concerns about an international missing person, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Policy on physical deployments:

The 1st Special Response Group responds only to requests from government agencies or recognized humanitarian, disaster relief, or search and rescue organizations. This is to ensure that the request is legitimate and that 1SRG will receive the necessary local support. Attempting to conduct search and rescue operations without the cooperation of local agencies is impossible and inappropriate.

Individuals seeking assistance from 1SRG should contact us before asking for an official request from the appropriate agency to ensure that the process is conducted efficiently and all parties are operating with accurate information concerning the situation and expectations.

Please see the Information Required and Forms sections for additional information.

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