Requesting Services - Forms

[This is identical to the "Requesting Services - Information" section.]

Phone: 650-278-1774 Fax: 650-618-1449
24 Hour Emergency Number: 800-544-1774

If someone you know is lost or missing internationally and you have any questions, doubts, fears, or concerns - call. Any time, day or night.

To successfully initiate a mission, a significant amount of information needs to be gathered in a short period of time, and as efficiently as possible. The forms in this section will facilitate this process. This section and these forms are under development - please contact 1SRG prior to downloading and filling out these forms.

The following information should be provided to 1SRG as soon as possible. Even if you are only considering requesting our services. Gathering and sending this information as soon as possible will greatly facilitate the process.

The amount of information requested below may appear to be daunting but if taken in stages it is not difficult to manage. Much of the information requested will assist you with understanding the situation better, reducing your stress during this very difficult time. The information will also help other parties involved with the search work more effectively.

There are only three very important steps to remember:

  1. Fill in the Lost Person Questionnaire and gather the basic information about the search area. Fax this information to 1SRG, even if you've not officially requested our assistance. This will help you organize your thoughts and will help us provide you with better advice. Please do this as soon as possible.
  2. Once you are requesting 1SRG's services, please arrange for an official request to come through government channels.
  3. Arrange for a secure base of operations and for transportation from the airport to the base.

There are a lot of other details covered below and we will assist you with making all of these happen.

If someone you know is lost or missing internationally and you have any questions, doubts, fears, or concerns - call. Any time, day or night.

Official/Government Support Required

Logistical Support Required

1SRG requires transportation and lodging appropriate to the mission. These will vary depending on the situation.

Safety Information

The following information is required to ensure the safety of everyone involved in the search mission. Please ensure that this information is gathered and available.

Planning Information Required

Search planning is extremely important for a successful outcome of the mission. Obtaining all of the necessary information to 1SRG as early as possible is critical. Please gather the following information and fax it to 1SRG as it becomes available. Then keep it in one location at the search base and provide it to the 1SRG field team leader when they arrive on scene.

General Country Information

Background information on the country is important for search operations. 1SRG wishes to move through the country as rapidly and as quietly as possible. 1SRG will collect this information through our own research, but information should also be provided to 1SRG by the requestors.

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