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April 2003 - present (Humanitarian aid, training, development) - 1SRG is working with FOCUS, an NGO dedicated to disaster prevention, mitigation, and preparation, to assess the state of SAR resources in Tajikistan and determine how best to improve SAR and disaster response in the local context. Ultimately, our project will outfit Tajikistani SAR teams with modern equipment and training that can be supported and continued locally. This may mean training to Russian standards; it certainly means focusing on different solutions for communications and disaster response than we would deploy in the West. This project is a partnership where learning takes place on all sides.

More details can be found here.

March 2002 - present (Humanitarian Aid) - Working with local SAR and medical clinic organization in Nepal to build relationships, conduct rural medical clinic, and train trekking guides in wilderness medical skills.

June 2002 - present (Humanitarian Aid) - Medical supplies for Afghanistan civilian hospitals, clinics in Nepal, and a variety of other locations.

1SRG regularly locates and ships collections of surplus medical supplies to 1SRG medical staff stationed around the world and to approved humanitarian aid organizations.

An example of a request for this support came from a US Army physician in Afghanistan:

"As part of the US governments program under the direction of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and at the invitation of President Karzai, we are attempting to aid in the rehabilitation of the health care system of Afghanistan. Though they have well educated and dedicated physicians and tireless health care workers who labor for free in many cases, there are none of the supplies we count on in America. Lives are being lost daily because of this critical shortage."

Requests for supplies and donations of supplies are both welcome.