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1SRG's startup costs and initial operations expenses were provided by one of the founding members. This allowed the team to prove the concept of a light international response search and rescue team without depending on external funding. The concept is well proven and the team's financial structure is moving in the direction of a more broad based funding model.

Per mission, operational expenses run approximately $40,000 of which approximately 90% is for immediate international air travel. Currently we operate on a cost recovery basis and we are unable to deploy without a written agreement, usually from the family of the subject, that costs will be covered. This written agreement usually comes from the family of the mission person. 1SRG seeks to set aside this requirement and enable anyone, regardless of their financial situation, to request our services. Cash donations would resolve this problem, but a more appropriate solution would involve an agreement with a major airline or a charter service.

In our non-operational mode, we still require a significant travel budget. Ideally, the entire team needs to meet at least once a year for meetings and training. Specialty teams and the steering committees need to meet on a quarterly basis. Additional travel budget is allocated for presentations, fundraising, and meetings of other organizations. All told, the yearly travel budget will be approximately $90,000. Again, arrangements with a major airline, a charter service, or access to the services of a corporate aircraft could dramatically reduce this cost.

Equipment expenses - adding new equipment and maintaining the current inventory - require approximately $10,000. In some cases, equipment will be left behind after a deployment as the local agencies, generally very poorly equipped, can make very good use of the equipment. The replacement costs for this form of humanitarian aid is factored into the $10,000.

Office expenses - office space, storage space for the equipment cache, equipment, postage, phone, reproduction, etc - requires approximately $40,000 though the donation of space would reduce this cost by 50% or more.

Detailed financial information is available to individuals or organizations who are contemplating significant investment in the organization.

Financial Overview